Generating Leads Online with Google AdWords

Accounting Lead Generation

What folks must realize right up front is always that Google makes over 90% of the company's money through AdWords.

Google does not make their cash through organic search engine results or SEO (more on SEO later). Thus, Google WANTS that you advertise and they also would like you to get accomplishment so you keep spending a growing number of money on advertising every year after year.

MYTH: 'Ya, but nobody selects the superior ads''

Accounting Marketing

Plenty of businesses and professionals that we have worked with over the years have this misconception that no one follows the ads that appear on top of serp's.

This couldn't be more incorrect. It's true that lots of people go through the first or second organically generated result. However, according to a recenteConsultancy survey '41% of individuals didn't even realize they were clicking on ads in those first 3 to 5 results'.

Furthermore, you should only require a small percentage of people to click on your ad to possess more leads than you are able to handle.

If you believe that no one selects ads and therefore are hesitant to increase the risk for acquisition of a powerful AdWords campaign, you're cutting yourself far from a tremendous source of solid prospecting.

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